Whithering is the last black and white piece before the closing of this catalogue, it might be interestingly compared with the first, The Sepia Horseman. The gulf between them will please some, most I hope.

I should mention the Moon and Star Bookmarks, but I can't think of anything to say about them, 'cept maybe that I assumed (for reasons not worth going into) that they'd be used with hard-bound books, and as most people use paperbacks (the penny drops—too late), I find people giving me sideways glances as they wander aimlessly about with a good two inches of torn, dog-eared and dilapidated book mark protruding from the tops of their paperbacks. My apologies friends. The Christmas Card, by the way, is not available for purchasing, it was a highly limited edition and sent to our patrons last year, buy something quick and you might receive one this year.


I hope this's been informative. If you want to write with comments, gifts of money or perhaps more money, you'll find an address in the indicia at the front of the book. Thank you for your time.